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Cultural Programs

In partnership with ENLACE and Reforma de Nuevo Mexico, the arts council provided music and entertainment for Hispanic Cultural Month. Celebration with the San Juan Latina Queens. Music during the Downtown Art Walk and painting faces for Dia de Los Muertos celebration.

Coming in November, Navajo Adornment Jewelry Workshop at Navajo Prep and Bloomfield Talent Show with Bloomfield High School.


March 2018 Programs


Connie Gotsch Foundation "Cultural Vision, Through the Eyes of Youth" Grant

The Connie Gotsch Arts Foundation provides grants and scholarships for arts-related activities. This includes music lessons, visual and performance arts-related programs and projects. Some of our past recipients have included musicians, film-makers, theater groups, painters, poets and authors, and other types of artists and students.

To request a scholarship or grant application, please contact Cathy Pope at 505-419-8295, or e-mail her at


Classroom Ladies holding jewelry Working a loom

Dio de los Muertos 2013


muertos(Click here to see full-size Dio de los Muertos poster.)



Read Across America


READ ACROSS AMERICA celebration sponsored by TARGET STORES

Winifrey Redhouse, Vista Cadre with the Cat in the Hat

Other Information


Día de los Niños / Día de los Libros
AIchíní Baa Hózhóogo Bee E'e'aah Naaltsoos Wólta' Bee E'e'aah


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